Dracaena Song of India Plants Play Well in Florida Landscapes

Dracaena Song of India plants lift Florida landscapes in the most lyrical way. Bright bursts of lime-green branches swirl out and upward, contrasting beautifully with dark shrubs or hedges. You’d think a tropical specimen this bold and artful would require a lot of special attention, but for Sarasota residents, it’s an easy, low-maintenance plant that you can just put in the ground and forget about.

Dracena Song of India plant
Close-up of Song of India leaves. (Dracaena reflexa tree)

That’s because this ornamental evergreen, also known as Dracaena reflexa, is a slow grower without all the high maintenance demands. If you’re looking for a mid-to large-size specimen tree, you can let it grow unpruned up to 15-feet tall. (It will take a while, though, so if you’re impatient, buy it big.) If you prefer to plant Dracaena Song of India as an accent shrub or in small masses, just trim occasionally. Either way, the multi-stemmed branches never look unkempt due to their natural, free-form growth pattern giving them their defined tropical look. This cultivar is also a wonderful choice for large lanai containers with no heavy leaf drop to worry about. They even do well indoors.

Dracaena Song of India plants in Sarasota Florida
Dracaena Song of India plants contrast beautifully with dark-colored foliage.

Pair your Song of India with dark foliage plants for stunning contrast.

You’ll want to plant your Dracaena Song of India in medium shade or bright filtered light for the biggest color impact. And don’t worry about the soil as long as it’s well drained. Simply water once a week after it’s established. This pest-free beauty performs well even in dry conditions. If you live in a tropical beachfront residence along Siesta Key FL or Longboat Key FL, choose another plant because the Song of India isn’t fond of salt spray. Propagating can also be easy — just stick stem cuttings right in the ground and watch them grow over time.

Big or small, the Song of India is a low-maintenance tropical treasure.

Dracaena Song of India plants Florida
Dracaena Song of India plants make a great tree choice, growing up to 15 feet tall. You can also train them as shrubs.

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