Florida’s Pineapple Guava: Unfussy & Sublime

ArtisTree’s award-winning designers are always hunting for a blue-ribbon shrub for Southwest Florida’s landscapes and climate, and pineapple guava comes up a winner every time. Its attractive silvery foliage, pink flowers with burgundy stamens and edible fruits entice humans, bees and butterflies alike. The sweetly tangy flowers (appearing April through May) are completely edible right off the plant or you can toss them into a salad or iced tea for a flavorful addition.

pineapple guavaBetween August and October, the egg-shaped fruits begin to mature and ripen, falling off the plant when ready to eat. Scoop out the pulp for a minty-pineapple delight or turn it into a delectable jelly. Note that fruit production may be low in extreme southern Florida since the plant fruits better when exposed to cooler temperatures for a period of time.

Pineapple guava will grow in full sun or partial shade, in a variety of soil types (though it prefers a slightly acidic soil), and requires little water beyond normal rainfall. It does well with minimal pruning to form a dense hedge or can be pruned to create a single-trunk tree reaching up to 15 feet tall. Especially well-suited for Florida’s coastal areas due to its salt tolerance, pineapple guava’s leaves have a slightly fuzzy belly that can give the entire plant a slight bluish cast.

ArtisTree uses pineapple guava to add striking floral color and texture to areas in many of our local landscapes. We think you’ll be very pleased with this beautiful, low-maintenance plant, too. Be sure to check out some of our other plant recommendations and tips on our blog. Or, call today schedule your landscape design or renovation at 941.488.8897, and ask for Jenni.

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