ArtisTree Plantopinions: Are Thryallis Shrubs Shrubby Enough?

The whole thrill of thryallis is seeing thousands of lemon-colored blooms bloom with abandon. These graceful sun chasers look spectacular planted in masses, in large patio pots or along entry steps. But even with their sunny personality, thryallis shrubs aren't the most popular member of Florida’s traditional "Shrub Club" because…

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HOA lawn care Florida

HOA Lawn Care: ArtisTree Explains the Art of Mowing

Now that April is here, most ArtisTree communities are transitioning from biweekly to weekly mow schedules pending their contract specifications. Why is frequency of mowing so important for HOA lawn care in our area? Here we grow again. First of all, it’s growing season. Your turfgrass is going to grow…

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Panama Rose

ArtisTree Plantopinions: Panama Rose Gets a Rosy Review

Panama Rose shrubs don’t mean to confuse. Yes, “rose” is in their name, but they look like a big bushy pentas plant that’s gotten a little out of control (in fact, they’re also known as bush pentas). So, when we received a request to review this specimen, we said sure.…

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White plantings Florida gardenias

White Plantings in Florida Landscapes

White plantings in Florida landscapes don’t always get the credit they deserve, primarily because they’re eclipsed by tropical colors of lemony yellows and brilliant oranges. But white plantings also deserve their day in the sun for the way they fit into almost any landscape. Here are some ArtisTree Tips to…

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