Baby Sunrose

Baby Sunrose: A good turf alternative or not?

Baby Sunrose is often thought of as a spunky succulent that cascades out of pots and crawls across boulders. Since it spreads so well, can it be used as a turf replacement for your entire yard? That’s a tall order, say ArtisTree Plantopinions experts. Still, don’t underestimate how this succulent…

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HOA irrigation systems

HOA irrigation systems: Consider the source.

HOA irrigation systems all have one thing in common. They’re only as good as their water supply source. If the source isn’t functioning as it should be, then plants and turf will be affected despite the best efforts of any landscape maintenance provider. Moreover, companies like ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance &…

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Approved plant lists HOA

Approved plant lists in Florida HOAs: Do you know yours?

Creating a landscape plan without knowing what plants are allowed in your HOA is a waste of time. Approved plant lists in HOA communities can be viewed as your friend or enemy. On one hand, they serve as established guidelines that facilitate landscape design by listing plants suitable to your…

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fishtail palms

Fishtail palms planted in right spot will have you hooked.

Fishtail palms in Sarasota do swimmingly well in landscapes with no space constraints. But plant them in a tight little area and you’ll have a whale of a time controlling their growth. No, they’re not invasive. They just like to grow! Properly placed, your fishtails will serve as a unique…

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