Florida ixora

Florida Ixoras Brighten Up HOA Landscapes Throughout Sarasota County

Florida ixoras brighten up HOA landscapes throughout Sarasota County like no other shrub. Planted in mass, they invite admiring glances for their jam-packed flower clusters that look like they came straight out of a glossy magazine. No wonder they remain a perennial favorite of homeowner associations. They’re fresh, fancy and…

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Indian Hawthorn Isn’t Your Only Shrub Choice

Indian Hawthorn isn’t your only shrub choice in Southwest Florida, but you might think otherwise seeing this ubiquitous evergreen in practically every HOA community around. Sure, Indian Hawthorn is a traditional specimen, but if you’re looking for a nontraditional alternative, here are three ArtisTree recommends to give your landscape a…

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Florida Landscape Boulders Add Style and Function

Florida landscape boulders add style and function to countless residential settings both inland and coastal. But not all installations go well. To avoid mini-avalanches slammed up against your shrubs, think “right rock, right place.” Painstaking placement will be key to creating your perfect Florida garden. ArtisTree’s advice? Leave no stone…

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Anderson Crepe Hibiscus Tree Impresses in Easter Pink

Pink candy eggs delivered by the Easter Bunny are always nice, but a pink Anderson Crepe Hibiscus Tree is so much nicer. First of all, this pink charmer doesn't melt. Second, it will be there for you long after Easter with soft pink flowers that sway your gaze. Why? ArtisTree…

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