Asiatic Jasmine Minima

Asiatic Jasmine Minima a Hardy Turfgrass Alternative

Asiatic Jasmine Minima's popularity has spread throughout Sarasota, with its hardy evergreen vines covering hard-to-mow areas or spaces where grass simply won’t grow. If you're frustrated trying to get turfgrass established, this feisty groundcover nicknamed Minima will bring you maximum relief. Asiatic Jasmine Minima steals the show at this property…

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River Birch trees

River Birch Trees Surprise in East Sarasota and Manatee counties  

River Birch trees are always a pleasant surprise for newcomers relocating to Florida. Instead of white trunks associated with other birches, this specimen in east Sarasota and Manatee counties boasts a showy trunk of silver and salmon bark that peels into papery curls for year-long contrast. Its stunning “trunk show”…

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Landscape mistakes

Landscape Mistakes That Will Date Your Florida Home

L to R: ArtisTree VP of Landscape Design Joe Mantkowski with landscape designers Clinton Lak, Chris Culp, Brian Clouser and Elisabeth Owen Landscape mistakes don’t always happen by mistake. For instance, you might think red mulch and black rubber edging enhance your plant beds perfectly. But poor choices or landscaping…

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Golden Dewdrop tree

ArtisTree Plantopinions: Golden Dewdrop Trees Will Grow on You

Purple frothy flowers, adoring butterflies, glowing green leaves -- what’s not to like about Golden Dewdrop trees? These fast growers (also known as Duranta erecta or Duranta trees) have a wild side to them that can easily be kept in check (if you prefer) to maintain their free-spirit charm. Although…

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HOA landscape maintenance

HOA Landscape Maintenance Services Going Downhill?

This 300-home community once maintained by ArtisTree took a downhill slide in just three months after a new contract based on low price was signed. HOA landscape maintenance is a touchy subject. As ArtisTree Vice President of Operations Bill Walters puts it, “People get passionate about landscaping. Some of the…

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