White plantings Florida gardenias

White Plantings in Florida Landscapes

White plantings in Florida landscapes don’t always get the credit they deserve, primarily because they’re eclipsed by tropical colors of lemony yellows and brilliant oranges. But white plantings also deserve their day in the sun for the way they fit into almost any landscape. Here are some ArtisTree Tips to…

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Sarasota landscape renovations

Sarasota Landscapes: Right Plant, Right Place, Right Checklist

Sarasota landscape renovations don’t have to be intimidating if you have the right checklist handy. ArtisTree Landscape Designer Clinton Lak's checklist leaves no stone unturned. "Get the vision phase right and you'll have a good roadmap to follow throughout your renovation." -- Clinton Lak, ArtisTree Degreed Landscape Designer “Too often…

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ArtisTree Landscape


Venice, FL, January 20, 2022 —ArtisTree Landscape Maintenance & Design is starting the new year with an aggressive employee compensation plan designed to attract new hires and retain current workers. “Like many employers across the country, we are raising wages due to inflation, the pandemic economy and ‘The Great Resignation’…

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Palm frizzle top

Palm Frizzle Top Shouldn’t Leave You Frazzled

Palm frizzle top is a common disorder and not a pathogenic disease. So try not to let frizzle top frazzle you out. At ArtisTree Landscape, we've seen this disorder occasionally in some of our Southwest Florida communities, and it basically means your palm is having bad hair days and needs…

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